[OUTAGE] NSW-IX | NextDC S1, Equinix SY3 , Global Switch | Firmware Upgrade
Scheduled for Apr 20, 00:00 - 04:00 AEST
IAA Engineers will be upgrading the firmware of the hardware located at NextDC S1(pe2.syd4), Equinix SY3(pe2.syd3) and Global Switch(pe3.syd2) to resolve a port partitioning limitation.

Members with service ports within NextDC S1 (pe2.syd4), Equinix SY3 (pe2.syd3) and Global Switch (pe3.syd2) should expect their port to go offline during this outage.

Members with service ports with NextDC S1 (pe1.syd4), Equinix SY3 (pe1.syd3) and Global Switch (pe2.syd2, pe1.syd2) should expect impact on their services - Peering, VLL Extended Reach and any bilateral you may have to another peer.

Members with VLL to AWS should expect impact to their services.

ALL Members connected to NSW-IX should also expect rs1.nsw.ix.asn.au to go offline during this outage. Content served via AS10084 is also impacted.

Inter-capital links between SYDMEL, SYDADL and SYD-ACT are on hazard status, no outage is expected as traffic will shift via the longer path causing an increase in latency.

The work is expected to take about 1 hour. However, 4 hours has been booked in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Engineers will drain peering sessions for ports roughly 10 minutes before the planned event using BCP214 compliant filters to ensure traffic is not suddenly dropped. Filters will be removed once the devices are back online and stable.
Posted Apr 01, 2021 - 13:26 AEDT
This scheduled maintenance affects: Peering Fabric (NSW-IX), Inter-Capital Network (MEL-SYD, SYD-BNE, SYD-ACT, SYD-ADL), and AS10084 - Content and Transit.